Sunday, September 29, 2013

Thoughts halftime Bears, Lions

- I don't know if that fumble at the end of the half by LIons' QB Matthew Stafford forced by the Bears' Julius Peppers should be hung on offensive tackle Riley Reiff. It looked Stafford held on to the ball too long. It's almost like he has gotten too comfortable in the pocket.
- Seldom has an offense fit a player in regard to player personnel better than the Lions' does for Reggie Bush. There is no limit to the impact he could have this season under his current circumstances.
- The Lions finally broke Michael Spurlock for a long return, but, in truth, a lot of NFL returnmen would have taken that in for a TD. It didn't matter. The Lions scored on the drive anyway.
- Kris Durham has come up with a couple clutch catches for the Lions this season. The Lions have some good size at receiver for a change. It does seem to be helping them in the scoring zone.
- Glover Quin, the Lions' safety, has been a huge addition this season. The Lions' safety play this year is so much better than in 2012 it is ridiculous. Quin, however, did not do a very good job on Matt Forte's long TD run for the Bears. It's understandable why Forte broke loose. The Lions' blitzed Stephen Tulloch and were caught in the perfect play for success by the Bears to counteract what they were doing defensively. But Quin more than made up for it with his interception of Chicago QB Jay Cutler later in the quarter. The takeaways are a great sign for the Lions, whose defense last season almost totally lacked that element, especially in the final eight games,, all losses.
- Detroit linebackers Tulloch and Ashlee Palmer had sacks on blitzes late in the second quarter. It does show you can either live or die blitzing. The Lions have done more living than dying with the maneuver today. The Bears are going to have to hit on deep passes today in order to comeback in this game. It seems unlikely.
- Lions' kicker David Akers is performing well. I thought he was a huge question mark coming into this game. He wasn't tested at Washington last week. He had a horrible game at Arizona and appeared to be ailing.
- The Bears have shown an alarming lack of poise in this game. Once this game started going south on them, they folded the remainder of the half. It's Cutler's M.O. and the team's overall in recent years. We'll see if it is any different in the second half.


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