Sunday, September 22, 2013

Thoughts after 3rd quarter Lions, Redskins

- If the Lions' lose this game today, it will be even more disappointing than last week's at Arizona. The Redskins are as bad as advertised. The Lions definitely need to start winning these type of games on the road. If they can't, the playoffs will be a pipe dream. This is a very important final quarter which could set the tone for the entire season.
- The Lions had their dream play in third quarter when Ndamukong Suh held up Washington QB Robert Griffin III and Ziggy Ansah finished him off with a sack. The Lions' defense has played well in this game. The pick six did account for one of the Redskins' scores. Last week, it was the Lions' offense more than their defense which faltered down the stretch at Arizona. They don't need a repeat today. Ansah looks more and more like he merited the fifth overall selection in the NFL Draft the Lions' used to take him.
- Why would a team want to want run a power sweep with no fullback? There are a lot of things about the Redskins' offense which make no sense. Not sure if Washington offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan deserves the "genius" label some want to give him.
- Haven't we seen enough of the 3-yard slant pattern when five yards are needed for a first down? Unreal.


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