Saturday, September 21, 2013

Thoughts after 3rd quarter Michigan, UConn

- Shane Morris has gone from unassuming freshman quarterback biding his time to perhaps the most popular man in Ann Arbor. Seriously, I wouldn't make a QB change at Michigan. It would be ridiculous. I'd give Devin Gardner time to sort things out. But it's a good thing Michigan has a bye this coming week. It's also a good thing the Wolverines' first Big Ten game is a very winnable one at home vs. Minnesota. Even if Michigan wins this game, this cannot be considered even remotely an inspiring performance.
- Michigan keeps running behind All American offensive left tackle Taylor Lewan, and Mchigan keeps getting stuffed at the line of scrimmage. Ah, when Fitzgerald Toussaint broke loose on a long touchdown run, it was to the right side. So far, Lewan's decision to return to Michigan isn't exactly working out as planned.
- Wid Jehu Chesson is a very talented player. There is size and speed there. Obviously, he has good hands. Michigan offensive coordinator Al Borges should come up with more ways to get the ball in his hands. That was a nice catch he made late in the third quarter. He also made a terrific play covering a punt on special teams.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've been saying on radio all day that "Gardner is really he great?? Is he Johnny Manzel???" Pat, you are certifiable!! Michigan could well lose to Ohio State by 40+.

11:00 PM 

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