Saturday, September 21, 2013

Thoughts halftime Michigan, UConn

- What a disaster so far for Michigan. Honestly, UConn looks like the more poised of the two teams. And it is incredible the hapless Huskies have been able to move the ball this well, and have played this well overall, without wide receiver Shakim Phillips, who is out with a hamstring injury. He is easily the Huskies' best player. Who is that on? Wolverines' head coach Brady Hoke. His team wasn't ready for this game. How can that be after the scare vs. Akron? The Wolverines have just played poor fundamental football the last six quarters. It's the bottom line, and it's disappointing. Hoke's teams have never lost at Michigan Stadium, but more often than not, they have been underwhelming on the road. It's become a pattern.
- Devin Gardner has been terrible throwing the ball the first half. He looks tentative, like he is aiming the ball instead of just letting it loose. He, frankly, is an interception about to happen. He sure doesn't look a first-round NFK pick, does he>
- Michigan's secondary is not very good. It's surprising, too, given the quality of athletes they have recruited for the position. They are supposed to be much better than UConn's offensive skill position players,. They haven't been.
- The Wolverines tackling in space is questionable. Like the turnovers. It's the sign of poorly prepared team. So is the inability to gain yardage running the football with running backs.


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