Saturday, October 27, 2012

Thoughts after 6 innings, Tigers, Giants, Game 3, World Series

- Two outs, bases loaded, down two runs, the fifth inning, the pitcher on the ropes...Miguel Cabrera couldn't have been at the plate in a more ideal situation. He just didn't get it done. Not a good series for Prince Fielder, either.
- Quintin Berry sometimes struggles as a hitter, but he usually doesn't get himself out. Plate discipline is normally a strength. Tonight, that has not been the case. If he had showed more plate discpline in the fifth inning, he would have drawn a bases loaded walk.
- Overall, not a bad outing for Anibal Sanchez. He did fight through his command issues. Two runs, six innings, seven k's, not bad. Starting pitching has not been a problem for the Tigers the last two games, that's for sure.
- Tim Lincecum in that spot is almost unfair. Giants bullpen is something.


Blogger spencersteel said...

Berry drew some walks early on when he was recalled, but by season's end he'd drawn 25 walks in 330 plate appearances. His plate discipline is below average, and he isn't a major-league hitter.

10:30 PM 

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