Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thoughts after six innings, Tigers, Giants, Game 2, World Series

- The Tigers are making Madison Bumgarner look like Clayton Kershaw. He has had some big-time success, winning 16 games this season. But his ERA was over 5.00 after September 1, and he was lit up like a Christmas tree by the Cardinals in the NLCS. Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder both ripped shots off Bumgarner the second time they faced him. Maybe the third time will be a charm. Omar Infante did hit some loud fouls off him in the sixth.
- The deeper Doug Fister goes in this game, the better. You'd have to think the Giants would win a battle of the bullpens. The Tigers are getting better swings on Bumgarner than the Giants are on Fister. That's why Pablo Sandoval's two-out single was huge. It drove up Fister's pitch count above 100.
- Who'd win a 40-yard race between Prince Fielder and Sandoval? My money would be on Fielder.


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