Friday, October 26, 2012

If Detroit Tigers don't win World Series, decision to send Prince Fielder home will live in infamy


Blogger section444 said...

We lament, Lamont!!


9:41 AM 
Blogger Barry said...

Pat, the 3B theory have bother fans since JL has come even though they usually hold runners with 0 out. We have seen Fielder and Miggy get thrown out at the plate by ten feet on several occasions and then they hold fleet footed Omar and players like QBerry that would have easily score. The 3B theory has to know who is running and how fast they run and make a good judgement if they can make it or not. Not just hold players with less then two outs or send players automatically with two outs. I still amaze how JL did not see that Drew could not find the plate last night and kept him in there and then when the damage was done he brings in Dotel.

3:17 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was a snap decision and turned out to be the wrong one. Not exactly a Bill Buckner moment, so let's not get carried away with this infamy stuff. So far, the Tigers have stunk it up. Period.

7:58 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

Look - I have heard this debated with everybody calling for Lamont's head - but the fact is - after hearing everybody who says sending him was right getting called brainless boobs on the radio and in blog comments - I would have sent Fielder too.

He damn near made it - his speed is deceiving (everyone one of you buggers has made that statement once this year) - he's grown up in baseball so I expect him to make the proper approach and slide to the plate - and even though the throw was re-routed and a perfect strike thrown to home - Posey just barely got his bum - it took the super slo mo replay for Tiger fans to agree he was out.

Was it prudent? huh? Prudent? This is the freaking world series - are you gonne lay up and play for par?

If that slide had been a split second faster - that throw a hair higher or lower - Fielder is safe - and Lamont is then a gutsy aggressive coach who won us game two by instantaneously changing the games moment in one windmill motion.

This is the most over debated issue of the series. The fact of the matter ixs THESE GUYS AREN"T HITTING THE [really bad expletive] BALL@!!

You can start calling me an idiot now.

10:01 AM 

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