Monday, October 15, 2012

Why it's wise Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland didn't write off Jose Valverde

There may be a point Jose Valverde is needed
My column:


Blogger Barry said...

Pat, AA does need some work so hopefully he will be used near the end of the game tomorrow. Valverda needs not throw 8 fastballs to the same hitter in the row. I hope the Tigers work on his splitter over the last couple of days.

10:35 PM 
Anonymous woody said...

there seems to be a sharp contrast between Coke and Valverde's struggles, if the Tiger broadcasters are to be believed.

for Coke, Price has commented that his stuff has not waivered this season, but his location has been poor causing him to get battered. solid stuff with better location should give improved results.

Valverde has become a one pitch pitcher. few guys can survive with one pitch, unless like Mariano Rivera, it's one super pitch. Valverde's fastball is not in that category. what happened to the splitter? has he simply lost his feel for it, has no confidence in it, or hurts his arm too much to throw it?

pitchers like hitters go through slumps. a slumping closer in the post season is poison to a team. without his splitter, seems highly doubtful that Valverde can pitch meaningful innings effectively at this point.

11:57 AM 

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