Sunday, October 07, 2012

Thoughts after 6 innings, Detroit Tigers, Oakland A's Game 2 ALDS

- A's right fielder Josh Reddick has just horrific at bats in this series. The A's as whole just don't look very imposing offensively. But the Tigers pitching has a lot to do with it. There have been excellent starts from Justin Verlander and Doug Fister at the top of the rotation. It'd be difficult to ask for much better. The Tigers have been doing their part behind their aces with a solid fielding performance so far.
- The Tigers bullpen figures to get a pretty severe test the rest of this game. Will it pass? I freely admit that I have an often varied opinion about the Tigers' bullpen. Sometimes, I feel it is deep and experienced. Others, I feel it is an issue for concern. It almost went too well for the Tigers' bullpen last night.
- Give Tommy Milone his due. He has pitched very well for the A's this afternoon. Not sure I expected him to do quite this well. Look for the A's bullpen to take over from here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok Pat. You're right that sometimes the bullpen has been good, and sometimes it hasn't been, but it would be a little more interesting for you to actually make a prediction about what you expect we'll see. Not what we've seen in the past. C'mon, put your neck on the line and make an educated guess!


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