Saturday, September 22, 2012

Thoughts halftime Notre Dame, Michigan

The way this game is unfolding suggests Michigan is more than flirting with disaster. Twice they have been in the scoring zone and come away with no points. Also, five interceptions for an entire game, let alone during the first half, is cause for a loss on the road. The Wolverines are beyond fortunate to still be in this game.
- Denard Robinson threw the ball very well on one drive. After running Vincent Smith threw the interception on the halfback pass (what an awful play call by Wolverines' offensive coordinator Al Borges), it was like Robinson came unglued. There is no excuse for that as an elite player and a senior, who is Michigan's leader. If he doesn't play much better, the Wolverines have no chance. He is their offense. Period.
- What's with Fitzgerald Toussaint and Michigan's run blocking? It couldn't be worse. Michigan's offensive line has been its most disappointing unit so far this year, especially in this game and vs. Alabama.
- It's interesting how Notre Dame is not blitzing Robinson. The Fighting Irish are not sticking to the blue print that worked so well for Michigan and Alabama against Robinson. They are bringing pressure, but it is working out very well so far.
- It was a wise move to by Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly to bring QB Tommy Rees into the game when he did. Everett Golson wasn't getting it done. And Rees, a former starter who got into trouble off the field during the off season, is motivated. Also, he played well for ND late in a victory over Purdue.
- Honestly, I feel more like both offenses are playing poorly rather than each defense is playing well. Linebacker Jordan Morgan has been excellent for the Wolverines.
- Notre Dame's Manti Te'o is one of the best college linebackers I have ever seen. He dominated the Fighting Irish victory over Michigan State, as well. He is a truly great player.
- Remember, the Wolverines were down 24-7 to Notre Dame last season before coming back. The situation tonight is desperate, sure, but not hopeless for Michigan. Lets put it this way, it should be a lot worse.


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