Saturday, September 15, 2012

Thoughts after 3 quarters, MSU, Notre Dame

- I'd say Notre Dame has this game in the bag, but I saw the Fighting Irish with a huge lead and in control of the game under these very circumstances last season, except at Michigan. This game is far from over. The one difference: Michigan had a great playmaker on its offense in quarterback Denard Robinson. Who can makes big plays on MSU's offense? But the way the Spartans are setup, the big plays should be coming from their defense, right?
- The best move MSU has made in this game was going no huddle. The tempo of the Spartans' offense had been painfully slow prior to that. Not that it worked...
- I don't know who has been more underwhelming so far tonight, MSU QB Andrew Maxwell or his wide receivers, although that catch along the sideline late in the quarter by Keith Mumphrey was a brilliant one, and could have been more timely.


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