Sunday, September 16, 2012

Thoughts after 3 quarters, Lions, 49ers

- What do the Lions and the Michigan State Spartans have in common this weekend? They can't get inside the red zone. Detroit's offense has been a huge disappointment. The 49ers defense is good, but not that good. The Lions defense has played better and has actually kept them in this game, but is in danger of being worn down.
- Did the Lions have the ball in third quarter? Didn't seem like it. The 49ers are methodically taking time off the clock. It is classic 49ers' football as we've come to know it the last two seasons. It is a very balanced, but safe offense. Not a lot of risk for turnovers. But that's the benefit of being able to establish the run.
- It's amazing how much confidence the Lions have displayed in Joique Bell as an inside runner, and he has justified their faith in him, for the most part. He does usually get a yard or two after the hit. There is no doubt, though, this is the type of game the Lions had in mind they traded up from the third round into the second round to select Mikel Leshoure and his 230-plus pounds in the 2011 draft.


Blogger Shawn said...

Sorry Pat, The 49ers defense IS that good. Disappointed with the stalls inside the 25, yes. But the niners D is for real

10:47 PM 

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