Sunday, September 16, 2012

Thoughts after 1st half, 49ers, Lions

- The Lions are fortunate they aren't behind by a wider margin. They didn't play very well in the first half. The 49ers were, by far, the superior team.
- I'm surprised the Lions stuck with a traditional running game as much as they did during the first two quarters. It's almost like banging their collective heads into a brick wall against the 49ers' defense.
- There are a number of reasons you can envision Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford missing on passes. Poor fundamental throwing technique is not one of them. But Stafford has side-armed a couple throws and the ball sailed on him. During the first half last week in the season opener vs. St. Louis, he was surprisingly inaccurate, as well.
The Lions live and die by Stafford. If he doesn't play better in the second half, neither will they collectively.  And unlike the Rams, the 49ers aren't going to let the Lions hang around so Stafford can go into his Captain Comeback routine again.
- The Lions got a huge break on the fumbled kickoff return by the 49ers Kendall Hunter. Settling for a field goal there, however, was a setback. Jason Hanson missed a very field goal, as well, after a Detroit drive that lasted more than five minutes. Those are essentially seven points the Lions left on the board. They can't win this football game doing those type of things. The Lions also turned a 49ers' field goal into a touchdown because of a roughing the kicker penalty.
- The Ravens lost to Philadelphia today, but in watching that game, I kept thinking about how their defense hits harder than any in the NFL, even the Steelers. I'm not so sure watching this game tonight. The 49ers just hammer people to the ground.
- Ndamukong Suh is a bright spot for the Lions so far this early season. His first-half sack should have more impact than it did.


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