Saturday, September 15, 2012

Thoughts halftime, MSU, Notre Dame

Common football sense dictates when a team is behind, it has to throw the football more often. This is the type of game when MSU will find out if it has the real deal at quarterback in Andrew Maxwell. The "inexperience" card has been overplayed. He has been in the program for four years, he was a four-star recruit, and he has two full games under his belt. You will know a lot more about Maxwell when this game is complete. Notre Dame has been very well prepared for this game on both sides of the ball. It's a credit to Brian Kelly. The Spartans will have to gut it out if they are going to win the game. Lack of experience doesn't seem to be hindering ND QB Everett Golson, does it?
But this works both ways. Will Kelly pull back on letting Golson sling it down the field, especially after a couple near interceptions at the end of the first half?
- Third and 10, near the end of the first half, and MSU's defense allows a rushing first down? The Spartans defense hardly lived up to their lofty reputation during the first half.
- Man, Lawrence Thomas turning his 295 pounds up field with the ball is like watching a freight train. It can't be fun for safties to come up and tackle him.
- Hey, begger's can't be choosers, but a 13-play, 43-yard scoring drive that lasts more than seven minutes when trailing by two touchdowns in the second quarter doesn't exactly qualify as impressive.


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