Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thoughts after 3 quarters, Titans, Lions

 - The Lions finally opened the playbook and moved down the field quickly for a score. Anybody surprised? Their play-calling should have been more like that in the first half. The Lions' bread and butter is setting up the run with the pass, not the other way around. Calvin Johnson just can't be stopped.
- Titans QB Jake Locker is throwing the ball well today, but the Lions have lacked a significant pass rush, making his life much easier in just his third NFL start. The Lions' secondary is not playing well, but is not being helped by the defensive line.
- The Titans are targeting Lions rookie cornerback Bill Bentley, which is to be expected. He has hung in there OK so far.
- The Lions are very, very fortunate the Titans have missed  two field goals. What a break. It could be a game-deciding factor.
- Nate Burleson is playing well today. He still has something left in the tank.


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