Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thoughts halftime, Titans, Lions

- The last drive of the half by the Titans was embarrassing for the Lions' defense. The late hit on Stephen Tulloch was untimely, to say the least. Ditto for the penalty on Kyle Vanden Bosch. There were 23 yards right there. There have been too many unnecessary mistakes.
- For a big-play offense, the Lions are settling too easily for field goals. They are not going to win games, a lot of them anyway, settling for three points at a time. That's been a major problem the last game and half, especially when it comes to not taking advantage of turnovers.
- Football is a game of leverage deep and to the outside. The Lions let the Titans break their leverage by reversing the field with a lateral on Tommie Campbell's punt return for a touchdown. They let the Titans break leverage deep on the long touchdown pass from Jake Locker to tight end Jared Cook. The Titans obviously saw something on Detroit's punt coverage in which the Lions didn't stay in their lane and were not attentive enough to contain outside. There is no excuse for a safety, Erik Coleman in this case, to not make a tackle on the long TD pass.
- Mikel Leshoure is running hard and well. He should the Lions in the long run. That was a Lions' bright spot in the first half.
- The no-huddle offense is something that should work for the Lions. I'm surprised it wasn't more effective in the first half.
- The Lions are missing big plays offensively. They have too many weapons to use only long drives to move the ball. Their offense, surprisingly, has lacked an explosive element to it so far this season.


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