Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thoughts at halftime MSU, Ohio State

- I like Michigan State coach Tom Izzo's emotion normally, but it made so sense to draw a technical foul there. Costly in terms of points. Real costly in regard to a momentum shift.

- Brandon Wood is this year's version of a player who is stepping forward in the postseason for MSU. He seems to get better with each game. His role picking up scoring slack from losing Brandon Dawson can't be overstated.

- Performances like this one are telling about Jared Sullinger. He should have dominated the conference this season. He didn't. Makes you wonder how good he will be in the NBA.

- Ohio State's Aaron Craft is one of the best defensive point guards I've seen in the Big Ten. Wasn't a mistake how he held down Michigan's Trey Burke. Having another good game today.

- This is a terrific game. Two very good teams going at it. Second half will be even better.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

1 season does not make a program. Just ask Northwestern football fans from a few years ago when their spread offense took the Big 10 by surprise. Michigan had an unbelievable year with the best point guard Ann Arbor has seen since Gary Grant (sorry Darius). Their incoming recruiting class is solid and clearly Michigan is on its way to becoming regionally and likely nationally relevant in basketball in the years to come--but don't get disillusioned that U of M has "caught" MSU.

9:55 PM 
Anonymous Michigan Righty said...

Gotta agree Anonymous...It wasn't that long ago Michigan was on a 1000+ day drought with regards to winning anything relevant agaainst MSU. Couple of basketball wins and the Spartans are "caught"? I think UM has to win a few more games, and advance a little farther in the tournament for a year or two before they catch Sparty nation. Gotta agree with Valenti...Your comments were a little embarrassing for a man of your intellect Pat!!!

8:05 PM 

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