Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Hard evidence suggests Michigan has caught Michigan State in basketball

Michigan State fans don't like this notion, but I believe it to be true. Not based on 2008 or 2009. Or 2000. But in the world as it exists in 2012. The one we live in now.
Michigan's basketball program has caught Michigan State's. Why? The proof?
They had the same record this season in the Big Ten, sharing the conference title. They split their two meetings. The Spartans schedule was tougher than Michigan's overall, but not to the degree MSU's faithful is saying. State had nice wins over Gonzaga and Florida State. But didn't anybody notice Gonzaga lost to St. Mary's in the West Coast Conference title game Monday? Michigan did beat UCLA, Iowa State and Memphis in non-conference play. Not bad. Like MSU, the Wolverines did split with Ohio State.
I don't see how Michigan State should extra credit for losing to North Carolina and Duke. Oh, Michigan lost to Duke, too.
And then there is next season. State will be formidable, but won't have Draymond Green. Michigan figures to be better than State if Trey Burke, Tim Hardaway Jr. and Jordan Morgan return (there is no indication they won't), and with the addition of a much needed big man in five-star recruit Mitch McGary.
Will this perception change? It could. It depends on the next few weeks. Who does better in the Big Ten Tournament? If they play again, who wins on a neutral court? If State makes another run to the Final Four and Michigan is knocked out much earlier, then OK, MSU will have proven a point.
Yet, they have to prove it. The Spartans didn't during the regular season. Rather, it was more like Michigan stated its case.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


You're a moron. State had the toughest schedule in the country. Michigan wasn't even in the top 10.

2:58 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The by your "logic" has MSU caught or even surpassed UM in football? All I ever hear about is UM's history but if we are throwing that out for one year windows....

3:04 PM 
Blogger bjwilli2 said...

I think Michigan has made huge strides over the last few years but they are not on the same level as Michigan State yet. When they have sustained success in conference play and the NCAA tournament. I think that they have the coach and the talent coming in but they don't have the on court accomplishments yet. Sustained success in the B1G and the NCAA tournament over the next few seasons then UM will be on MSU level in basketball

3:12 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who did Michigan beat on the road this year? Oh ya, nobody. Much like Indiana, they can't beat anyone respectable on the road. Nor did they even play wisconsin on the road this year. The only point that may be true in this article is that michigan might be better than MSU next year because Draymond will be gone. On a neutral court, even without dawson, MSU will beat Michigan if they meet in the B10 tournament. The only question will be is if Michigan as a team can out rebound Green by himself

3:14 PM 
Blogger drose8400 said...

Pat, I am a UofM fan. With that being said I totally disagree with you when you say..."MSU has to prove their case." I'm sorry buddy, it's UofM that must prove themselves to Michigan State...MSU has been the better basketball team for years. They have nothing to prove in regards to UofM. An analogy would be...Golfer "A" shot 70 the last 10 times he golfed, Golfer "B" shot 80 the last 9 times and the 10th time he shot a 70. Your rational would be Golfer "A" must now prove he's better than Golfer "B" because of one round. Makes no sense. Valenti is gonna rip you apart in a minute anyways...

3:20 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Classic Blue Wall troll. Ask any national basketball writer who the better program is. You'll get a much different answer. MSU is way ahead until UM reaches multiple Final Fours.

3:29 PM 
Blogger drose8400 said...

Pat, I'm a U of M fan and I totally disagree with you when you say "MSU has something to prove now." They have been the better team for years and just because U of M puts together one good season you're saying MSU now has to prove they are better? Are you nuts? U of M now has something to prove, they need to maintain the momentum and if they don't this will just go down as a fluke season. MSU has proven themselves...Mike will further my point on air in about 30 seconds lol.

3:29 PM 
Anonymous Logical Fan said...

Its shocking how someone who has covered college athletics in the state of Michigan for as long as you have can put out an article like this.

First of all, you cannot base any program "catching" another by just this season. You do know MSU has 6 Final 4's in the last 13 years right? Where are Michigan's March Banners?

The schedule - @Gonzaga is a "nice" win? That's a top 25 team going down on their home court. Not an easy place to play. And Saint Mary's also happens to be a top 25 team. Thats what those numbers next to the schools means.

Florida State has been a top 25 team all year. They beat UNC by 30 and beat Duke at Cameron Indoor. A "Nice" win? Try great win. UM beat a non-tournament UCLA team, an average ISU team and an average Memphis team. Those are "nice" wins, MSU's are "Great" wins.

MSU deserves extra credit for playing UNC and Duke the first two games of the season because they a) were the first two games of a season the MSU entered having lost 60% of its previous season scoring and one of the best PG's to ever play at the School in Kalin Lucas and suddenly losing Delvon Roe b) they traveled from San Diego to New York City in one week c) they played two of the Top 5 teams in the country back to back within a week of each other.

No one in the country had that stretch on their schedule. No one.

The recruits - that 5* recruit UM is getting, MSU got one too, Gary Harris, you may have seen him on Sportscenter. We also have 2 of the main competitiers for this years Mr. Basketball in the State of Michigan in Denzel Valentine and Matt Costello.

UM got a very nice class, but MSU's is as good if not better. So there's no advantage either way.

The Future - Losing Green will hurt, but have you heard of Keith Appling, Derrick Nix and Adreian Payne? Are they not great building blocks?

Perception has only changed for Wolvie slaps like yourself, you should return whatever journalistic acheivements you have ever recieved immediately.

Please stop this mindless drivel.

3:32 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give me a break Pat this is garbage

3:40 PM 
Anonymous efury31 said...

If only parity in college basketball could be based solely on empirical data (numbers)...

Good post though if you are looking for controversy and attention.

3:56 PM 
Blogger Mikeyd said...

LMAO!!! Even though I think Mikey V is the biggest cry baby OF ALL TIME.....YOU JUST GOT OWNED!!!! Even though I bleed Maize and Blue they have not even come close to catching "Little Brother". Before you publish crap like this I think you should come up with a little more "HARD Evidence". LMAO

3:56 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pat you're a dumb ars..... it's ok to use UofM history to state they are a better program, but when talking about MSU basketball, it's not valid? whatever... get off the radio and stay in the little paper you're in....

4:06 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? MSU will make 15 straight tourneys. UM will have made 2. MSU has 2 final fours, and 3 b1G championships in 4 years. UM has one B1G championship, w/o winning at UM, MSU, or OSU. UM has McGary coming in. MSU has Gary harris, valentine and Costello who is a 6'9'' power forward. How can you write this blog with a straight face after UM had ONE good year, in which with a markedly easier schedule they had the same record as MSU and MSU had no Delvon Roe and lost Summers, Lucas, and Lucious.

4:09 PM 
Blogger Johnny M said...

The hard evidence you choose is ridiculous. You are comparing Michigan's best season in over a decade to to an average season for MSU over the same decade. The vast majority of statistical analysis is in MSU's favor if you'd check Pomeroy, Sagarin, or any statsheet.

To list a few: Strength of Schedule is better. Margin of victory is better. Adjusted Offense is better. Adjusted Defense is better. There is a reason MSU is ranked #3, and Mich is ranked number #20 in KenPom's ratings.

Here...Ill do the homework for you, since your "hard evidence" is severely lacking. Since 1999, this how the two programs have fared:

Mich Overall - 190-174
Mich Avg Season - 15.8-14.5
Winning Pct% - .514%
NCAA Tourney - 3 Appearances (incl this season), 3-2
Titles: 1 B10 Regular Season Title, NIT '04 Title

MSU Overall - 319-126
MSU Avg Season - 26.6-10.5
Winning Pct% - .717%
NCAA Tourney - 13 Appearances (incl this season), 30-11
Titles - 1 National Title, 5 B10 Regular Season Titles, 1 B10 Tourney Title

Equal Programs? Its an embarrassing stretch of a comparison with no value for someone to make that gets to comment on Sports.

4:14 PM 
Anonymous Steve in Detroit said...

Pat! Your out of your mind. I often have a hard time listening to the station when you are on. I will no longer be listening to your program after last nights rambling near the 10 o'clock hour.

You are a Michigan slappy, despite what you say about "no horse in the game". Think before you act, Pat!

4:20 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have also failed to recognize that Michigan State is bringing in the likely Mr. Basketball from Michigan in either Matt Costello or Denzel Valentine, and also the possible Mr. Basketball from Indiana in Gary Harris.

Meanwhile, Mitch McGary has struggled to dominate against high school competition of whom he has a few years on, while Matt Costello is averaging 25 points and 18 rebounds with several 20-20 games for Bay City Western.

I don't see how you can use recruiting as an argument for the changing tides.

4:33 PM 
Blogger Jay said...

Hmm... I agree this year that the teams are pretty close as far as record go. However, i don't believe that one year is a large enough sample size, or in this case, one year plus speculation about next year. UofM does have a great recruiting class, but lets not forget that MSU has their own 5-star man in Gary Harris.

5:09 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pat, one doesn't need to prove themselves once on top...that falls to everyone beneath the leader.

5:12 PM 
Anonymous Jon said...

Pat, you say, "But in the world as it exists in 2012. The one we live in now.
Michigan's basketball program has caught Michigan State's" but you spend the entire 2nd half of your article talking about next year? hilarious.

5:56 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you forgot several important keys:

1) MSU also has 2 impact recruits for next year (Costello and Harris)

2) UM played at Penn St. on the last game, but should have played at Wisky like MSU did earlier, so the B1G schedules were not even

3) UM won by a point at home when Green and Appling missed jumpers, while MSU won easily at home

Regardless, you are not far off because UM was really good this year...just not there yet.

6:49 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pat, don't be silly. Football and basketball are simply not comparable at this point. Michigan football suffered a fall from the elite while MSU football came back to relevance. One fell while the other rose to meet them. Neither is elite at this point in time.

Conversely, MSU basketball has suffered no such fall from grace. They have been the most successful program of this century. You want to talk about the "now," so I will. MSU has the iconic coach who is consensus top two in the nation. Michigan does not. MSU has the larger arena, better facilities, and more imposing and well known student section. MSU has the higher ranked recruiting class. MSU had the better overall record while playing one of the top five hardest schedules in America. MSU beat Wisconsin on the road. Michigan didnt play them. MSU ranks 8th nationally. Michigan is 13th. MSU's RPI crushes Michigan's.

MSU is talked about with the likes of Duke, UNC, Kansas, etc. Michigan is nowhere near that conversation... So how you deduce that they are equals when it comes to the state of the program is beyond me. Michigan had a good season. It was a great achievement. But the sign of a great program is one who enters the season with no expectations and still hangs banners in what was supposed to be a down year.

I understand your job is to create controversy. That gets listeners, readers, and callers. But let's not get carried away. You can give Michigan the respect they deserve without going overboard.

7:28 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're a moron. So it took Michigan to have a decent year to catch State? And all it's going to take is for one team to go further in both tournaments, not one, but both, to achieve elite status in your eyes? This is rubbish an you should be canned as a journalist.

7:41 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is this MSU hype anyway? They went 8 years without winning the Big Ten. Izzo is so overrated.

7:47 PM 
Anonymous Jere L'Heureux said...

Pat--You have to be kidding. If Michigan makes an unreal run to the Final Four like MSU seems to do against incredible odds then I will believe in your parity concept. Until then Michigan Basketball is like MSU Football. Good but not traditionally good. Write this again in April.
Signed---Your Machine Gun Frat Bro'

8:14 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The title says "Hard Evidence." Where is the hard evidence, Pat? I am a die hard UM fan, and I know that it takes more than one year, the return of Trey Burke and the arrival of Mitch McGary before we call UM the better program. Get real Patrick.

10:02 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent reply

10:19 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where have you been the last 20 years Pat? UM did a fine job this year with the talent they have, but they do not have the talent level or depth of the MSU team. MSU would still beat them seven out of ten games.

11:04 PM 
Blogger Doug said...

I enjoyed your article and you are truly objective. Amazing how a punk like Mike V. loses control because he disagrees with you. Classic reaction by an insecure state fan.

7:42 AM 
Blogger Doug said...

great blog pat. This just shows how insecure Mike V. and the rest of the state fans are.

7:43 AM 
Anonymous Carl Carlson said...

Here are some hard facts:

Michigan has beat MSU three of the last four times.

Michigan advanced further into the tourney than MSU last year.

Michigan did not play at Wisconsin. They also didn't get to pad their record with 2nd games against Nebraska, Minnesota or Iowa.

(Before you get all snotty about Iowa, yes, I believe U-M could beat them in Ann Arbor fairly easily.)

MSU had a stiffer non-con, no doubt. But let's not get crazy. Both teams played three to four tourney teams, with Duke as a common opponent.

MSU's 2012 recruiting class is ranked #6, U-M's #11 by ESPN. MSU also has one extra additional recruit, which skews it a bit.

Michigan's PDC and refurbed Crisler will be at least as nice as MSU's facilities, which was very much not the case for years and years.

We're not talking about the Flintstones vs Ellerbe here people. We're talking about each program in 2012. MSU is still better, but the difference is becoming vanishingly thin.

10:13 AM 
Blogger Steve said...

Good article, Mr. Parker.

(I'm going to assume you let Rob Parker fill in for you for the day, Pat. Only he could say something so ridiculous and expect to be taken seriously)

11:02 AM 
Anonymous Armen said...

First, I would like to mention that I am a Spartan student, so I may be biased. But at least for me I have actual stats unlike this garbage. I thought it said “HARD EVIDENCE,” but I see a pile of BS! This will be a long post so stick around.
Lets start with your SOS comment from this year. Congrats you guys beat Memphis when they were in the top 10, yet they are no longer in the top 25 and haven’t been able to beat teams in the RPI top 50. MSU started the season outside the top 25 and had to start the season off against UNC and Duke. One of those games was on an aircraft carrier outside, so you can barely call that neutral field if both teams are not use to that surface, but a loss is a loss. So you are telling me that Memphis, Arkansas, Iowa State, and Virginia are more difficult than Gonzaga, Florida State, and UNC? I don’t think so. And you lost to Arkansas and Virginia, both away games. For the Arkansas game you have Novak’s cheap shot that should have had him suspended a game for the OPEN fist hit. Michigan started the season #18, MSU was near #30 and we were not supposed to be a huge team this year. I am not using that as an excuse, but we show that we can rebuild quicker. UM is 8-7 at Neutral or Away games, 2-5 (maybe 3-5) vs. teams that will make the Tourny. MSU may be 7-6 at Away or Neutral games, but that includes Away wins over Gonzaga, Wiscy, OSU, and Purdue (by 25pts). So your SOS bid is stupid.
Next, your whole comparison of being better is confusing. Let’s go to all of you UM fans going to the “well then you haven’t beaten us in football as well.” In football a 4 game win streak shows that an entire class never won vs. “Little Brother,” while a 3 game win streak in basketball is a class and a half b/c 3 out of 4 is not 4 for 4!!! MSU was 17-3 in the previous 20 games before 2011. Yes, UM beat MSU for 10 of 12 seasons and we agreed that you guys were better, but calling us “Little Brother” lets us rip on you guys. But a full class of football beat UM. In basketball you don’t get 3 out of 4 to have the edge. If next year you guys beat MSU both times then maybe we will have a little more of a discussion.
Now let’s talk history. IZZO: 3 coaches have ever made it to 3 straight Final Fours (Izzo, Coach K, Ben Howland) Coach K had 5 in a row. 3rd among active NCAA Coaches in NCAA Tourny Wins (with 35 wins) since '97-'98 season. 6 Final Fours, 7 Conference (or Co) championships, 7 Elite 8s in 14 straight tourney bids. Teams like Duke and UNC and Kansas do this with countless Lottery picks, but MSU doesn’t need that. We have a coach who knows the best.
UM Basketball
John Beilein 90-75 Conf: 43-47 (.443) 3 NCAA Tourny Bids
2-2 in NCAA Tourny
Tommy Amaker 108-84 (.563) Conf: 43-53 (.448) 0 NCAA Tourny Bids
Brian Ellerbe 62-60 (.508) Conf: 26-38 (.4063) 1 Tourny Bid
1-1 in NCAA Tourny
Since 1997-98 UM is: 252-215 (.540) Conf: 104-135 (.435) 3 NCAA Tourny Bids
3-3 in NCAA Tourny
1 Big Ten Championship
1 Big Ten Championship Game App.

11:27 AM 
Anonymous Armen said...

UM fans don’t even agree with you on this one. MSU is dominant at home too. We had 17 in a row and all were by 9+pts. If you UM Hypocrites don’t like talking about from 1999 till 2010 for basketball then don’t use that against us for football. UM fans are complete hypocrites b/c when MSU fans say that we own the rivalry for football b/c we beat you guys for 4 YEARS in a row you mention history and that you can’t talk crap b/c UM owns the all time history. BUT once UM fans mention the fact that they own MSU in basketball the MSU fans talk about the previous 10 yrs and the UM fans will say the same the exact opposite of what they say in football “History doesn’t matter, it is all about the present.” But that makes no sense b/c 3 out of 4 for basketball means nothing. UM is a solid team and a good contender but not better than MSU. You can’t go that far b/c of 3 games.
I like the UM fans who say that their win over Memphis is bigger than our win over FSU. RANKINGS!!!! At least MSU won their ACC-Big Ten challenge game. Just like in football, MSU had to play Wiscy twice. I remember after the UM-MSU game #2 all the UM fans were saying they were better than MSU on the fact that they split the games, yet margin of victory was +9 in favor of MSU, but I am not saying MSU is better b/c of that. But you can’t say you are better despite losing in the margin of victory between a split. Same goes with OSU, they did beat us but they are gonna be respectable and not say they are better than us b/c we beat them in margin of victory in a split.
More Stats: Izzo (35) 14 straight NCAA Tournys. 6 Final Fours…. Roy Williams (38) in 13 since '98. 21 NCAA Tourny appearances total. 5 Final Fours since ‘98…. Coach K (39) in all 14 since '98. 27 straight NCAA Tourny appearances . 4 Final Fours since ‘98. HISTORY!!!!
Send this to any analyst and they will question as to why you are still on the air. I like the golf guys analogy above. I love the fans that believe that one year means everything.
UM is like the NBA team who misses the playoffs for nearly 10 yrs in a row and then when they get the #6 seed for two straight years they think they are better than the team that makes it as a #4 seed for 15 yrs in a row b/c they beat them a few times in two yrs and forget to look at history.

11:27 AM 
Blogger Dave M said...

I disagree, State is still a step above Michigan in basketball. MSU had a much tougher schedule, and Michigan still has trouble beating good teams on the road. The upcoming tournaments will confirm MSU's superiority, and Pat's desire to post silly blog entries just to rile up Mike Valenti. Michigan still has a lot to prove, but they seem to be on the right track.

11:51 AM 
Blogger JJ777 said...


Your love for Michigan is evident- however, Michigan needs to get out of the first weekend of the tournament a few times before it can say it's close to MSU in basketball. A one point win in Ann Arbor doesn't make the teams equal.

Michigan is definitely much improved, but as an MSU fan, I'm not going to start saying the two are the same in football yet. Michigan still has the upper hand despite MSU's recent dominance.

By almost all measures, MSU has had the better season. Better non-conference wins (still can't believe you mentioned UCLA and Memphis as quality wins), tougher schedule and tougher conference schedule. (I noticed no mention of Michigan not having to go to Madison this season).

Come on- just come out and admit you are a Wolverine fan- it's obvious!

11:56 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pat....what kool-aid are you drinking? Um is better but it will take a few years of this to say they have caught up...State has maybe the best player in the country coming next yr...Mr harris....with 3 other big men too....and football next fall will be another beat down by Sparty!

12:05 PM 
Anonymous MSUDersh said...

I agree with the majority of the posters on here.

M has had a very good season, winning all of their tight games, and exceeding probably all expectations (but frankly, they were ranked 15 in the preseason polls, and are currently ranked . . . 15. So perhaps they just met expectations).

But seriously, passed MSU? M hasn't even matched MSU yet. Draymond Green himself has more career wins in the NCAA tourney (9) than any member of M's team (nobody has more than 2), and even their coach in his 20 year NCAA career (8).

Ever since Izzo started coaching, 48 players he has recruited have played in at least one final four. Not counting the four second year players (Payne, Appling, Gauna & Byrd), or the four first year players who haven't yet had a postseason, only 6 players have been recruited by Izzo, played at least one full season, and not made a final four: DaJuan Wiley, Ken Miller, Rashi Johnson, Erazem Lorbek, Maurice Joseph & Garrick Sherman. What are the two common threads there? All 6 played for only one season, and only Lorbek was a contributor in any manner

Also, you pimp the “touted” recruiting class coming in, that is only ranked highly due to the commitment from McGary, an intriguing prospect who wasn’t even rated nationally before last summer. Of course, considering his age (he’ll be 20 years old in June – that’s right, a 20 year old incoming freshman), and the fact that he was held back twice until making his grades at an east coast basketball factory, M needs to keep an eye on May 8 – the drop dead date for early entry candidates. Because McGary is so old, and he should have graduated in class of 2010, not ‘12, he is eligible for this year’s draft.

But besides that, you completely ignore MSU’s incoming class, which includes 5 star Gary Harris (who’s NBA comparison is Kobe), and three 4 stars in Denzel Valentine & Matt Costello, who will be 1-2 in Mr. Basketball in Michigan, and Kenny Kaminski, a big from Ohio who won the Gatorade Ohio POY award – as a junior!

In sum, I generally enjoy your work, but this piece is a travesty, one that claims in it’s title to use “hard evidence” but doesn’t even back up it’s premise with anecdotal evidence. Please try to do better next time.

12:50 PM 
Anonymous MSUDersh said...

You know what that article reminds me of?

When you're at a sports bar and start speaking with someone who is half-loaded and has a point to make, but nothing to back it up other than his opinion.

Believe me, I live in Chicago, and deal with it all the time, especially with idiot Cubs, Hawks & Bears fans (Sox fans are actually knowledgeable, the rest just believe that either their team rules, or "Detroit Sucks!").

12:59 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...


State doesn't need to prove its point. They have final fours and past 12 years of points proven. Its not just 1 or 2 years for Michigan to be back. They have not proved anything. They most certainly have not surpassed State even if they have a better tournament showing. Deep down you don't really believe they have either.

1:53 PM 
Anonymous ST said...

Looks like someone hit a nerve with the State faithful!. If you have been following his writing over the recent years, Pat loves to do this, all the time. He’s trying to get a reaction out of the masses, that’s what journalism has turned into in the modern day. Looks like mission accomplished…yet again.

He did the exact same thing in October when MSU beat UM in football, just opposite. UM die-hards were questioning his journalistic integrity by claiming that he had crossed the line, and were doing nothing more than rubbing it in the face of UM football fans. He’s playing to the masses people; he does it on a weekly basis, nothing new here. If anything, it proves that MSU basketball fans are just as hyper-sensitive about their program as UM football fans are about theirs.

2:13 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is y pats stupid........ Ooooow regular season, GO BLUE! Bias much?

2:18 PM 
Anonymous Pedro said...

This is the most asinine thing I've ever read, how can you seriously call yourself a journalist? Where did you even go to school? Couldn't be a very good one if this is what they are teaching you.

6:31 PM 
Anonymous Pepper Longstocking said...

You are a flat out idiot and a disgrace to media in general. I am still astonished that you have a Heisman vote. This blog post made me so angry it made me want to punch a baby. You reasoning couldn't be anymore wrong.

-"The Spartans schedule was tougher than Michigan's overall, but not to the degree MSU's faithful is saying."
Michigan State has the the toughest schedule in the nation so we aren't saying that the experts are. You are not an expert you are an idiot and quite possibly make the most unintelligent comments in the history of the world.

Referencing the UCLA win for Michigan, you must not have read the article in Sports Illustrated showing how much disarray that program is in. Again your an idiot.

If you think Michigan will be better then MSU next season on paper you are dumber then I thought. Which is astounding because I have already set the bar for you extremely low. MSU is losing Green and I will admit he is a huge part but so is Novak and Douglass for Michigan. And if you think Jordan Morgan is better then Adrien Payne and Derrick Nix you should really consider checking yourself into a mental institution.

I couldn't believe what I was reading and you should honestly debate just giving up your job as a sports writer because this is embarrassing. Maybe you had a stroke while you were writing this? Maybe someone else hacked your account and wrote this? Those are the only two reason's outside of you being a complete idiot for this blog to be posted.

And another thing have a little respect for yourself and take a picture not wearing a hoody.

But I will end my comment how I started it.....You are a flat out idiot.

7:16 PM 
Anonymous bmac.bmac said...

Dear Pat, I was so entertained by your's and Mike's discussion on the air I had to make a few counter points.

By your own admission Michigan "caught" MSU. To catch implies you were behind. But looking only at this year, as you made very clear you have, Michigan has done nothing to make up that lost ground.

All your arguments are that, to this point, their seasons have been equal. I'll ignore strength of schedule and every expert on the topic (USA Today, AP, ESPN, and RPI) and concede that by-and-large the two teams have had fairly comparable seasons. Even still, one season of parody does not make up for a decade of inferiority.

You say you used the head-to-head logic because you heard Spartans use it during football season. If this were four years ago and instead of our first victory we tied the wolverines could we really use that argument as you have for the basketball programs?

I know you'll point to two years ago and say "trend," but it's not. A trend would have been another head-to-head winning season. The only thing you could possibly say of this year, considering last, is "regression to the mean."

Either way, its ridiculous for anyone to even make this argument before April. If you're going to talk about evaluating programs, we haven't even gotten to the true test yet.

3:39 PM 
Anonymous Jason said...

It's kind of a dumb argument. MSU is good, and Mich is now good. That's good for the Big 10 and good for both schools. I wouldn't argue who is better, but accept that right now, both are playing good basketball, and as a Big 10 fan, I'll be rooting for both in the big tournament.

8:35 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's funny how you issue the challenge to MSU to beat UofM in the tourney AFTER they lost their starting small forward!

3:39 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, I want to start by saying U of M had a great season. They are a team that is on the rise for sure. Now all the U of M fans that wanna say State fans just can’t stand when U of M gets credit, this article isn’t just giving credit, it is basically lying and saying that the basketball teams are even now. You mention strength of schedule, MSU had the 16th toughest out of conference schedule, U of M’s was in the 160′s! and State still ended with a better over all record. You knock the Gonzaga win but MSU was only the seventh team since 2004 to win AT Gonzaga. Plus Gonzaga is still ranked in both poles. Iowa State is the only team ranked out the wins you mention for U of M and they are 25 in just one of the poles. You mention Green leaving, which hurts, but how does Burke, Hardaway, and Morgan staying make U of M better next year? You forget that State has Payne, Appling, Nix, and Dawson coming back? Then you mention a falling 5 star recruit for U of M but don’t mention States recruits at all whom are ranked higher than U of M’s with the top shooting gaurd in the nation coming in. Michigan is a good team getting better, but I’m sorry, State is a perenial power, one of the top basketball programs in the country. Do not try to say that they are on the same level.

5:40 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After the B10 tournament this weekend, your comments look even sillier than when you posted this earlier this week. Better stay away from Valenti, my friend. Ha3

10:01 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha... This piece of work is absolutely hilarious... I love amateur blogging. Perhaps his next post should discuss how FSU has caught Duke in hoops...after all FSU took 2 of 3 this year. Michigan and JB had a spectacular year and should be proud. But at end of the day, there is still a bit of a difference between a good team and a elite team...

10:06 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is now a good time for a bump? #1 seed vs. #4 seed?

7:03 AM 

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