Sunday, March 04, 2012

Thoughts on Michigan State's loss to Ohio State Sunday...

- It could be next to meaningless if the Spartans beat Michigan and/or Ohio State in the Big Ten Tournament and then go on a long run in the NCAA Tournament. Ultimately, and I don't necessarily like this aspect, but the latter is all that matters in college basketball. The difference is this year the Spartans can't just float through the Big Ten tournament as if it doesn't matter. It does this year. Their seeding for the Big Dance could drop to the point it could hinder them if they perform typically in the conference tournament.

- Michigan is MSU's equal at this point. It's not like MSU has a slew of impressive non-conference victories under its belt. Head-to-head, the two teams split. They also split against Ohio State. If the NCAA tournament opened tommorrow, the Spartans have not earned a better seed than either Michigan or Ohio State.

- This is where the character test of MSU's program comes in. Sunday's loss was profoundly disappointing, but telling of why the Spartans were having success before this recent slide. They aren't so gifted they can overwhelm teams. They have to be a little tougher, in the Izzo mode. They must return to that for the postseason tournaments, or they will falter. Bottom line.


Anonymous Nolan said...

Losing Dawson is going to kill this team. Kearney has the length but not the strength to defend the SF / 3 spot.

11:11 PM 
Anonymous witless chum said...

MSU won at Gonzaga and beat Florida State in nonconference and played a tougher overall schedule. U of M's best win out of conference is UCLA or Memphis, both in Ann Arbor.

If you want to say they're as good, that's your opinion, but the nonconference seasons do not support your case.

11:51 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude - MSU wins on the road at Gonzaga and at home against Florida St. Oh and Wisconsin and Purdue twice.

Look at the schedules before you make a comment that MSU and UM or equal at this point.

12:53 PM 
Anonymous witless chum said...

And, MSU played a tougher Big 10 schedule. Don't forget that.

Michigan got to skip:


4:10 PM 
Anonymous Jim O'Neill said...

Here's hopin' the Spartans prove you wrong in the B1G Tourney, Pat.

5:44 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh pat, why make this so easy?

Apparently the toughest schedule in the country isn't impressive enough for you.

Please find one ranking where UM is ranked ahead of State. I guess you're right though, and the rest of the country is wrong.

Are they close? Depends who you ask. Are they equal? Not by any statistical measure, I would argue they are not equal using the "eye test" either.

1:52 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know who's better, but you people can't possibly be this dumb.

@ witless chum, Memphis and UCLA were on a neutral floor, not Ann Arbor

@ anon, Michigan played Purdue twice

@ witless chum again, Michigan played Indiana at home

So, who's the one that's not looking at the schedules again?

2:51 PM 

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