Sunday, March 04, 2012

If the bounty system is true, Gregg Williams should be suspended for at least a year

Three different teams - Buffalo, Washington, New Orleans. And the same story is emerging each time about Gregg Williams.
That he did have a bounty system in place to pay his unit for injurying opposing players.
If true, it's deplorable, and Williams, currently the defensive coordinator for the St. Louis Rams, needs to be severely punished.
Football is a rugged and violent game. Injuries are going happen in the course of the game. But to encourage them is no different than doing so in any place of business. It's like handing out a bonus to a sales person for physically hurting a top sales person of a competitor.
I don't care if it was part of the fine system the team had in place for being late for meetings - or whatever.
This is the type of issue consideration should be given to banning the coach from the NFL, and needs to weeded out from the league, if it is more common place than isolated.
If true, Williams should be suspended for, a minimum, of a year.


Blogger MCBB Notes said...

We are talking about behavior that could not only end a career, but also cause a debilitating injury. While this is possible during any play, to actively encourage a team to cause an injury has no place in any league, and could possibly be considered illegal.
A one year suspention may be too light.

4:21 PM 
Anonymous Blaise said...

What about Sean Payton (Peyton?)? I believe he should face an individual penalty (perhaps 1-2 games) as well, and the organization should lose draft picks and/or face a big fine.

1:36 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on Pat. When it comes to steroids in baseball, you take the stance of a purist, making an irrelevant comparison between an old era and the current state of the sport. However, in this instance you are taking the the stance that this is a dispicable act. Does a bounty make the act any worse than the acts of "Night Train" Lane when he used to close line players? Do you think any of the old timers would be so disgusted that players are now trying to take guys out? I think from the stand point of a football purist, there's not a thing wrong with the bounty program. I will agree that by today's standards this is wrong, but you have to pick a side of the fence and stay on it.

6:39 PM 

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