Sunday, January 01, 2012

Thoughts at halftime Lions, Packers

- I thought the Lions would win this game today easily, that they would play with much more sense of urgency, and the Packers would be apathetic. I was wrong. The Packers are very much into this game. Says a lot about their championship pedigree. And the effectiveness of their offensive scheme. This is a far more interesting than I anticipated. It's a terrific game, actually - to watch. It isn't being particularly well played, though, by either defense.

- The last two times the Lions threatened in the first half, they got only three points. They will not win today if that pattern continues during the second half. Jason Hanson FG miss painful.

- Seldom do I remember the Lions having a player who was more up and down than cornerback Alphonso Smith. He is either great or awful it seems. There is no in-between. He has been scorched today for the most part, but his interception was big. It's maddening.

- Yep. The referees missed the play. Titus Young should have had a touchdown.

- Matthew Stafford is playing very well today - again. He has made some big-time throws most other QBs just can't make. The Lions are doing well on offense, although the running game is typically disappointing. Defensively, the Packers are moving the ball far too easily. It's pitch and catch for Packers QB Matt Flynn. Lions aren't making his life miserable at all. To the contrary, they are making it easy for him.

- Stephen Tulloch has made some plays today. Where is the rest of the Lions' defense.

- You can't win allowing Ryan Grant to make like he is Barry Sanders in the open field on a screen pass. Shoddy play. Period. The Lions playmakers on defense simply aren't making plays. That has been the bottom line, at least so far.


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