Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Only one Lions player in the Pro Bowl? Really?

What an embarrassment the Pro Bowl selection process is. How can Eli Manning be picked over Matthew Stafford? He has far fewer touchdown passes. His team has a lesser record. If the roles were reversed, and Stafford played in New York, you can't tell me he wouldn't be going to the Pro Bowl, not Manning.
Gosh, the way these things work, I'm surprised Victor Cruz didn't make it over Calvin Johnson. What a joke.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's criminal. So wrong. Stafford should be there as well as Avril. I hope the national press picks up on this. It's just wrong.

7:55 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HORRIBLE, stafford and Avril both got ripped off.

8:00 PM 
Blogger Tech101 said...

This might be a good thing! It might make Stafford play even better to prove the voters were wrong in their selection. Lets hope this lights a fire under Stafford!

10:22 AM 
Anonymous Rob Barrett said...


1:59 AM 

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