Thursday, December 29, 2011

What I'd like to see for Michigan, Michigan State and college football

The Michigan-Ohio State game moved to earlier in the season and Michigan playing either Michigan State or Nebraska in the season-finale. Michigan State would make the most sense geographically, but you can't ignore Nebraska's pedigree. I think Michigan-Ohio State should still be a protected game by the Big Ten, but don't think it would work out well if both teams played in the season finale and then had to square off in the Big Ten title game. Ideally, Michigan-Ohio State would open the Big Ten season each year.

- I would like to see both Michigan and Michigan State, with its reported agreement with the Pac 12, play one Pac 12 team and Notre Dame each year. Then I believe their other two non-conference games each season should be against in-state schools, Central Michigan, Western Michigan or Eastern Michigan. Keep the money in-state.

- Seems simple enough. Conference champs go. Seed the tournament. Give byes to the top seeds as necessary. Keep the names of top bowl games together. Just make them part of the tournament. It's time.


Blogger Jim15032 said...

Sure, move OSU - Michigan away from the final date. While we're at it, let's replace MSU's protected game with Michigan with one against Minnesota (the protected Indiana Brass Spittoon game stays as befits one of the great college football rivalries). Tell us again that you are not a Sparty fan and are completely disinterested.

Oh, and the Lions' game on Thanksgiving Day should go on the road every other year, too.

3:43 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michigan and MSU are in the same division so the game doesn't need to be "protected." Other than that, the first comment is absolutely right. Caputo clearly has no respect for the greatest rivalry in sports and is pushing his own agenda here to get Michigan State on the national stage.

Also, it doesn't make sense to have both other non-conference games be against only CMU, WMU, and EMU. That means every three years both UM and MSU will have played each team twice. Branch out a little. This whole post just shows how ignorant Mr. Caputo is about college football. Stick to what you know: the Detroit Tigers.

8:08 PM 

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