Friday, December 30, 2011

Rocky Top has a new meaning in the case of DeAnthony Arnett - Rock Heads

What was not known about the song Rocky Top is it is really a euphemism for rock head. Rocks for brains? Hmmm.
How else can it be explained Tennessee won't release wide receiver DeAntonhy Arnett from his scholarship so he can be closer to his father, who has turned ill in Saginaw. Oh, Tennessee will, but only to the state's MAC schools. Not Michigan or Michigan State. Not unless he pays his own way.
This is stupidity on Tennessee's part. Not only because it displays insensitivity, but becauseof the negative publicity Tennessee will receive will far outweigh the benefit of standing tough by its policy of not releasing players to schools it competes against on the field or in recruiting. Michigan and Michigan State are not on Tennessee schedule. They go head-to-head for a minimal number of players. Anthony has circumstances that clearly make him an exception. It's not just some disgruntled kid leaving. He played well as a true freshman this past season.
How will Vols head coach Derek Dooley go into a kid's living room ever again and say with total honesty, "We've got your best interests at heart."
Clearly, he doesn't in the case of Arnett, who was a four-star recruit coming out of Saginaw High School.



Anonymous Jason F said...

If Arnett wants to play football next year and be close to dad, he can just go to CMU and be less than 90 minutes away. If he holds out for an unconditional release so he can immediately go play at MSU (which is what he probably wants. UM doesn't want a kid with emotional issues) he is going to be disappointed. The NFL will find you even in Mt. Pleasant if you are any good.

2:06 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't ever try to figure out Tennessee, it's impossible.

I think it's the water.

6:05 PM 

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