Sunday, January 01, 2012

Thoughts after 1 quarter Lions, Packers

- Who would have thought the biggest absence for today's game would be kick returner Randall Cobb, not QB Aaron Rodgers for Green Bay. Pat Lee as kick returner? That's awful. That's handing the game to the Lions. Too bad for Lions fans they aren't taking it.

- Kevin Smith's fumble was a backbreaker. But that was a nice play by Desmond Bishop, an underrated linebacker.

- Jordy Nelson is the most-underrated wide receiver in the NFL. He is having a great season. He has too much size and speed for Alphonsio Smith. They are picking on Smith. Lions need to get Smith help on Nelson.

- Green Bay QB Matt Flynn has been solid other than the fumble. Green Bay's offensive line has been surprising effective against the Lions' defensive line. The Packers are running the ball surprisingly well. Ryan Grant is running hard.

- The Packers still have a lot of threatening receivers in this game. They will make this game much easier for Flynn if he can use play-action passes continually.



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