Saturday, January 07, 2012

Thoughts after 3 quarters Lions, Saints

- I am not so sure Calvin Johnson isn't the best wide receiver I have ever seen not named Jerry Rice. He is a truly great player. The Lions' TD drive in the third quarter was because of his sheer brilliance.

- Third down spot by the officials deep in Saints territory was garbage. He clearly didn't have the first down. Brutal. Key play in the game. Complexion of it changed when Saints marched down the field for a touchdown.

- Gutsy play by Drew Brees extending the football on fourth down for the first down on the Saints second scoring drive of the fourth quarter. Certainly not your typical QB sneak. The danger there is the ball will be punched out. But give him credit. Brees is savvy. He pulled that ball back in quickly. Well-planned.

- There is little wiggle room against the Saints. The Lions holding penalty on their first drive of second half ensured their offense wouldn't be on the field for a long time.

- The Saints superior running game is a major factor in setting up their deep passing game on play-action passes. It's much more difficult for the Lions to throw deep because opposing defenses don't bite on play fakes. Still, Johnson somehow get it done.


Anonymous Michael C said...

That third down spot was awful, but I also blame Schwartz for not challenging that play. I thought it was obvious immediately that he didn't get there.

10:53 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brees pulled the ball back to his chest voluntarily before he was even touched by a defensive player and before he was ruled down. The spot of the ball should have been 2 feet back, which would have not given him a first down. If a runner runs backwards voluntarily, he is not given his best progress, but only where his forward progress was halted or where he was tackled.

1:50 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not a savvy play by Drew Brees or the officials, breaking a down marker isn't the same as breaking the goal line. When will the league hire full time officials that are not all 80 years old. That game was ruined by the refs.

P.S. Not a bitter Lions fan, just a bitter football fan that is tired of needless sloppy officiating.

6:17 AM 

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