Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Thoughts at halftime Michigan, Virginia Tech

- Michigan played poorly in the first half, especially offensively. To be in the lead under the circumstances is amazing. The Wolverines are living a charmed life.

- Linebacker Kenny Demens is the most underrated player on Michigan's team. Period. He was a four-star recruit out of Country Day and is an example of how Rich Rodriguez didn't get the most out of some pretty good players, while Brady Hoke does.

- Live by aggressive special teams play, die by aggressive special teams play. Well. Sometimes. Example: The roughing the kicker penalty on Virginia Tech that was the key play of the first half. Turned the tide of the game. Special teams, the Hokies' alleged strength, have been their biggest weakness so far tonight.

- Virginia Tech's defense is the fastest Michigan has played against this season. Not even close.

- Fitzgerald Toussaint is a terrific player. More creative ways to get him the ball would benefit the Wolverines greatly the second half.

- Yeah. Sometimes it does seem like Denard Robinson's best plays are the ones when he simply "throws it up for grabs." Same with Drew Dileo. LOL.


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