Saturday, January 07, 2012

Thoughts after 1 quarter Lions, Saints

- What shootout? 7-0 after 1 quarter. Come on. Just kidding. Looks like it will be a shootout, for sure.

- Great first drive for the Lions. Terrific use of Titus Young, who could be huge in this game. End around good play. Gives balance.

- Lions QB Matthew Stafford typically sharp. Right on target. Blitzing him doesn't make sense. Not any more than it would the Lions blitzing Saints QB Drew Brees.

- Notice the three-man front by the Lions? Interesting. Gunther Cunningham mixing it up. Ah, not really working, though.

- LB Justin Durant's hustle down the field came through for the Lions again. The play he made in the first quarter was similar to the key fumble he forced in the game at Oakland. He has had some injury issues during his career, but is quite productive when he does stay on the field.

- John Wendling is a tremendous special teams player. Extremely underrated.

- Keep throwing to Calvin Johnson deep. Doesn't matter if it isn't complete. Lets Saints know the Lions will throw deep. And he does make some of his biggest play when the ball is thrown up for grabs.


Blogger Nick Cole said...

Stafford completely underrated by TV commentators. Don't get it. His numbers are ridiculous. Even some Detroiters don't realize what we've got. He is incredible. Darren Sproles is going to be the thorn in our side this game.

8:47 PM 

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