Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Thoughts after 1 quarter, Michigan, Virginia Tech

- This has been a very sloppy in the first quarter. Bad football, honestly. But this game will open up. There is too much firepower on both sides of the ball for it not to, despite Michigan and Virginia Tech both ranking seventh nationally in points per game allowed during the regular season.

- It's disappointing the way Denard Robinson has played so far. It seems like he has regressed from the progress he made late in the season. The happy feet are back. At his best Robinson is patient and lets plays develop in front of him before reacting. He has not been patient today. He looks uncomfortable in the pocket. Thought he was over it.

- David Wilson is really good running back, but Virginia Tech QB Logan Thomas is impressive. Big. Strong. Crafty.

- The Wolverines defense must do better at getting off the field on third down, or they have no chance of winning. Especially third and long.


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