Saturday, January 07, 2012

Thoughts halftime Lions, Saints

- So far, this game is living up to its advance billing. Has the makings of a classic. Lions have anything but the deer-in-headlights look. Forcing turnovers huge. Lions in really good shape heading into the second half. Holding Saints to field goal on the final drive of the second quarter huge.

- What was with the whistle on the fumble? It's ridiculous the Lions weren't able to advance that ball. Bad officiating. No excuse for it in a playoff game.

- Offensive coordinator Scott Linehan is doing an excellent job of play-calling. Gregg Williams is not the easiest D-coordinator to match wits against. Lions haven't denied Calvin Johnson the ball, but they have looked to the receivers who are open because of the double-teaming. Of course, Linehan's job is made a lot easier by having a QB capable of executing like Matthew Stafford.

- RB Kevin Smith is running hard. It's not exactly a pleasant thought to think of where the Lions' running game would be without him. He's playing well. Nice bonus for Lions.

- Stafford has become the master of the back shoulder throw. Perhaps only Aaron Rodgers makes it as well or better.

- Honestly, tell how the Saints defense is any better than the Lions? Their secondary is awful. Stafford might throw for 500 yards against these guys by the time this game is done.

- The over-and-under in Las Vegas on combined passing yards by these two teams is 653. I'd bet over. Should be big passing numbers in the second half. The track meet has just begun.


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