Monday, December 05, 2011

Lions not only lost to Saints, but their self control

My latest column:


Blogger danjor21 said...

I knew the way the Lions started the season was too good to be true. Back to reality for the same ol' Lions!

7:15 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I find it ironic that Raiola is screaming "grow up" at the other players. This is a guy who's consistently demonstrated a complete lack of self control, but since he did it against the fans, the Fords decided to extend his contract as a reward, rather than cutting him, as they should have, and as any responsible team would have.

You reap as you sow, when you reward that sort of behavior.

The ghost of WC Ford and now Billy Ford will always hang over this team. Once these players figure out that they don't have to listen to the coach, or obey established norms, they won't, and we're back to the bad old days. They know they'll still get paid, and the Fords will coddle them and undercut management, same as always. I'm looking for the I-75 eyes any time now.

8:42 AM 

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