Sunday, December 04, 2011

Michigan State deserves a BCS bid over Michigan, but do either belong?

One of the many problems with the BCS bowl system is the twisted logic it presents.
I do believe Michigan has a better chance to land a BCS bowl bid than Michigan State, but that doesn't make it just.
Michigan State would essentially be punished for winning its division in the Big Ten, ahead of Michigan, and losing the title game to Wisconsin, a team it beat during the regular season. Also, Michigan did not play Wisconsin this season and had an easier conference schedule because of it.
Michigan State defeated Michigan during the regular season, so any head-to-head tiebreaker that would be presented in a traditional format has been lost in the BCS system.
The Spartans had a more successful season than the Wolverines, and in every way. But the BCS system often doesn't reward achievement.
And while Michigan should be happy with a BCS bowl bid, it wouldn't be like the Wolverines really achieved it, but backed into it.
I don't believe either Michigan or Michigan State would be getting a raw deal if they didn't receive BCS bowl bids.
Yet, the Spartans should be ahead of Michigan on the pecking order, not the other way around, which is the actual case.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Of course MSU belongs in a BCS Bowl! Dantonio should have been Big 10 Coach of the Year for crying out loud! He beat Miiiiiichigan four years in a row for crying out loud!"

Wait a minute. I'm not Pat Caputo. What the heck am I saying?!

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