Saturday, December 03, 2011

Thoughts after 3 quarters, MSU, Wisconsin

- This is a great game. It's going to be on the quarterbacks in the last quarter. I do believe Russell Wilson is a better player than Kirk Cousins, but I'd give Cousins the edge in the fourth quarter because his receivers are so much better. The Badgers don't have a B.J. Cunningham. Ultimately he might be the difference in this game.

- Excellent game management by Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio to call for a punt in Wisconsin territory, even though though this is a high-scoring game. The Badgers are particularly prone pinned against their goal line. Their receivers just don't get separation. Also, the Badgers punting game is mediocre, although they get a good punt away.

- Where has Montee Ball gone? Looked like he was going to run for 400 yards early in this game. Amazing how MSU has contained him the last two quarters. Key has been the Spartans able to drop an extra defender in the box because their corners can defend Wisconsin single coverage, man-to-man.


Blogger Mark said...

2 offenses equal, MSU defense better.

11:07 PM 

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