Saturday, December 03, 2011

Thoughts after 1 quarter, MSU, Wisconsin

The Spartans cannot afford to turn the ball over. What a killer. But this game isn't over. State has proven, particularly against Wisconsin, it can comeback. The first meeting, remember, started out in a similar way.

- The Spartans' offense needs a long drive or two in order to rest their defense. The danger here, especially with Wisconsin's size, is MSU's defense being worn down.

- The Big Ten's reputation for boring, grind-it-out-football doesn't fit in this game. Both teams look explosive offensively. It was a high-scoring game the first time Michigan State and Wisconsin met. It looks like it will be again. Great playcalling by both offensive coordinators.

- The two best players on the field, in my opinion, are Wisconsin running back Montee Ball and MSU defensive tackle Jerel Worthy. Worthy has to start getting home on plays, though. The Badgers have trouble matching the quickness of MSU's defensive line, but have come up with plays that are actually using that quickness against them.

- Wisconsin brought out a gadget play already on the throwback pass from Ball to QB Russell Wilson. Watch, MSU coach Mark Dantonio will have a couple tricks up his sleeve, too.


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