Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tigers still have a fighting chance against the Rangers. This is why

The pressure is all on the Tigers after they lost the first games of the American League Championship Series at Texas.
But it will it take just one win tonight to put it back on the Rangers.
This is a series where I think home field advantage is a bigger-than-usual factor. It's not so much because the Tigers have speed to cope with their spacious stadium (they don't), but experience with the nuances of Comerica Park, which are extreme compared to the band box in Texas.
Unlike the Tigers' foes in the AL Central, the Rangers come in only once or twice per year and traditionally haven't done well.
The Rangers have won only four of their last 20 games at Comerica Park dating back to 2007.



Blogger Fred Brill said...

I certainly think the Tigers still have a fighting chance - but some things need to happen before that first win will materialize:

The bats - more patience at the plate. Patience at the plate is the result of a lack of confidence of the hitter - turning into pressing - and that lack of confidence at the plate in Jackson and Avila is starting to become contagious.

Hitting is contagious - so is hitting slumps.

A calmness has to settle over the outfield. It's one thing in April to want to see your team play with a sense of urgency, but now after so many one run games - it appears the nerves are shot.

Hopefully coming back to a warm Tiger fanbase and loud crowds supporting the Tigers will help. That was three very tough road games in hostile territories.

If Young isn't all better - then keep him sitting. Rayburn / Dirks are better solutions than a hampered sidearm underhand throwing Young.

As for Jackson - he does not look like he's having fun. Skip needs to do something about that.

Signs are still there like the Cabrera - Avila - Cabera double play with bases loaded.

That was fun.

That's how I see it anyway

1:19 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Pat, what you say is true. To beat the Rangers you have to continue to chase the starters to keep taxing the bullpen. Tigers need to chase Lewis by the 3rd inning and Fisher pitch 7 innings. Tigers need every left handed bat in the line-up because Colby split against lefties are not good. He pitched like Verlander against righties. Taxing the bullpen this game makes game 4 and 5 easier but also the hitters get a second look at the pitchers and who hit what.

1:20 PM 
Anonymous woody said...

fantastic, intense game yesterday. team is playing tight, hopefully coming home will loosen them a bit.

the core guys need to step up tonight. only scherzer has so far.

bullpen is a crapshoot other than benoit and papa. leyland will have a tough decision if fister tires in the 6th or 7th. it's been a year long problem, now magnified. on the other side, ogando is the mvp of the series so far.

time to see if these cats have 9 lives.

3:04 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Statistically, this does not look good.

We have burned one Verlander start.

Only 18% of teams that have lost the first two in a 7 game playoff win. About 1 in 5.

However, if Fister can win or contribute highly, this could be a play.

I don't like the way we are hitting, looks like we're tight.

But we could loosen up if we get 2 wins at home.

Actually, this has been a pretty even series.

5:03 PM 

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