Saturday, October 08, 2011

Thoughts during rain delay, ALCS, Tigers, Rangers

- The bad part about this is the Tigers may have to go to the back part of their bullpen. I see the Rangers lighting it up if Verlander must come out of the game. Also, it's tough to gauge how well he would pitch after the delay.

- Alex Avila just isn't the same player, it seems. He is not swinging the bat well at all, especially against left-handers. Should Leyland have given him more rest during the second half of the season, playing essentially a Triple-A catcher sometimes? It's a tough call. The Tigers needed to clinch the division. They had to play to get home field advantage. I'd like their chances a lot more in this series if the Tigers had the home field edge. And those are still good. Just a shaky start.

- They need home runs from Miguel Cabrera, not singles.


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