Monday, October 10, 2011

Rivalry game fork in the road for both Michigan and Michigan State

My column on the upcoming Michigan-Michigan State game:


Blogger Steve said...

It is abundantly clear that you have no idea what it is to have a rivalry. It doesn't matter who is coaching (Bo, Woody, Mo, Bruce, Lloyd, Cooper, Tressel, R.Rod), it doesn't matter what the recent records of the teams (When Michigan was 8 and 2 against Ohio State, the game meant just as much), and it doesn't matter what other teams get better or decline.

The reason you don't know this is obvious to everyone. And, to quote yourself, "if you were honest with yourself" you'd admit it as well: Michigan State (of which you are a slappy), does NOT have a true rival. You'd like Michigan to be your rival but you just can't face the fact that there is another game on the schedule that is more important to Michigan than the State game (not saying the State game is not important, it is...very important, just not AS important). You'd love Notre Dame to be your rival. But, alas, they also have a few games of theirs that rank above State.

Some rivalries come and go (Wings vs. Avs...ehh, for example), but some last forever because they have been rooted in such a long history (Boston/NY, Dodgers/Giants, Army/Navy, UM/Ohio State). Obviously some of those are more recent, but the deep sense of "rival" is there.

Now, you can choose to continue to think you know what goes on inside the head of a Michigan fan and accuse them of not being "honest with themselves", or, you can see how, in believing that, you are exhibiting that EXACT thought process.

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