Sunday, October 09, 2011

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Blogger Fred Brill said...

Put me in the corner of crackpots who think JV got jobbed by the home plate ump. I don't say this lightly because you saw the same pitch called a strike when Wilson hit the same spot.

Then to hear Buck say the little graphic showing where the pitch was in the strike zone is a best approximation - when Tennis can pin point where a ball lands on the court to the nearsst strain of fibre on the cover of a tennis ball.

Bring on the computerized officiating that brings on the artificial femal voice that calls balls and strikes over the loudspaekers - "the pitch was a strike - the batter is out". I've had my fill of bad umpires.

Okay, not really. It's the post traumatic stress of game 5 in New York talking.

PS - Tigers need to invest in a sports psychologist for Aviala and Jackson - both seemingly bereft of all confidence - Jackson to the point where it's now affecting his defensive play - where Avila is still picking off runners at second (that throw in the first inning was perfect).

12:25 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bad news Sunday. Game 2 postponed, Ordonez done. I think Leyland will have to move Peralta up to hit behind Martinez, against the Rangers left-handed starters. Kelley will replace Magglio and probably hit 2nd or 6th. If the Tigers made it to the World Series, Austin Jackson would be their only right hand hitting outfielder on the roster. The starters will really have to step up or it will be "wait till next year"

6:27 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Pat, one thing the Tigers don't want to do is get the Texas' bullpen a break. Tigers made the mistake of putting two lefties in the line-up back to back when Kelly replaced Maggs. Oliver had a very easy time getting them out. At least have a righty in between them so Oliver is either pulled or be forced to pitch to a right hander.

9:17 AM 

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