Saturday, October 08, 2011

Thoughts after 3 innings, ALCS, Tigers, Rangers

- C. J. Wilson has settled down. Tigers had a big shot at him in the first inning, especially given the way he has pitched in the postseason. The Magglio Ordonez double play card came up. It would have been Jhonny Peralta or somebody better had Delmon Young been able to play.

- Last thing the Tigers need is a rain delay - and another shortened start by Verlander.

- There is no excuse of Austin Jackson's drop fly ball in the first inning. Tigers should be down by a lot more runs. Also, it just drove Verlander's pitch count off the charts.

- The Rangers lineup is much threatening than the Yankees.

- I think home plate umpire Tim Welke is squeezing Verlander. He thrown four or five pitches that were called balls that should have been strikes.


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