Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tigers show true grit again in Game 3 victory over the Rangers

My column following Tigers victory over Texas Tuesday:


Anonymous Michael C said...

Geez, Pat, you really seem to pick favorites.

Peralta and Martinez have "done nothing but come through for the Tigers this season" and Cabrera has been the problem, even though those two have struggled much worse than Cabrera has in the playoffs.

And in every post you're raving about how important Delmon Young is. You even said yesterday, "Seldom has one bat ever meant so much to one team."

Do you realize that Young had an OPS of .695 this season? That's about the same as Austin Jackson's, minus his speed and defense. His career OPS is .749, which is well lower than Raburn's career OPS. And he's AWFUL defensively. So bad that is WAR is actually in the negative in his career. There's a reason Minnesota gave him away for nothing. (He's not worth his salary)

He's probably the worst #3 hitter in the league. Meanwhile we have the best cleanup hitter in baseball, and yet you seem to take every opportunity you have to sing the praises of the former while bashing the latter for not doing enough. It's odd.

4:09 AM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

I'm not sure how Cabrera was a problem in a season he hit 344, Mike - save the pre-season Florida incident. But I do bang on agree that Perralta & Martinez have been as brilliant and as important. But you gotta admit that this lineup didn't really gel till Young got here - and that he is indeed missed.

But IMHO - the truest hero on this squad - who now is almost getting boo'd - is Avila. This is a guy who gets in the shower and tries to avoid the water drops because his body is so badly beaten and worn by this season. And he is still throwing darts - triple twenties no less - to catch guys at second even after sliding behind the ump to feld a breaking curve off the plate before throwing.

This guy deserves a memorial. And I'm the A**h*** that said before the season that he wasn't a major league catcher and the Tigers had no chance with him behind the plate.

Avila - if he survives this season - has the potential to become the next great catcher of this generation.

one down - three to go

12:22 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We had better show our "true grit" the rest of the series because we have substantial injuries and Avila is lost at the plate.

12:56 PM 
Anonymous Michael C said...

Fred, I was quoting Pat there. My argument was that he's been blaming the Tigers' struggles on Cabrera even though Martinez and Peralta have struggled a lot worse in the playoffs.

Young has been a nice addition. I just don't agree that he's one of our most important parts. I honestly think Raburn is a better all around player, but neither is among the best 5 position players on this team, and neither is really suited to play in the 3 hole when they aren't riding a hot streak. (which both have been recently)

6:33 AM 

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