Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thoughts after 6 innings, Tigers, Rangers, Game 3, ALCS

- Jhonny Peralta and Victor Martinez are winning ball players who have done nothing but come through for the Tigers this season. Tonight is no exception.

- Rangers manager Ron Washington and pitching coach Mike Maddux knew they were living on borrowed time with Colby Lewis. Probably should have replaced him to start the sixth.

- Martinez, Miguel Cabrera, Peralta...the Tigers are getting production from their so-called big guns tonight. It's just that a couple are missing.

- The Tigers starting pitching has been respectable game-after-game in the postseason. Tonight obviously no exception with Doug Fister.

- Can you imagine how good the Tigers would be with a healthy Delmon Young and Brennan Boesch in the lineup.


Anonymous woody said...

I've run out of superlatives to describe the work that Fister has done as a Tiger

10:27 PM 

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