Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thoughts after 5 innings, Tigers, Rangers, Game 3, ALCS

- The Tigers need at least seven innings from Fister. Last thing they can depend on at this point is the backend of the bullpen.

- Finally, Miguel Cabrera sighting. Would have been better to produce multiple runs.

- Rangers bullpen is deeper. They won't stick long with Lewis.


Blogger Elect Erik Lindquist! said...

Pat, Cabrera HAS to slowly run into Beltre's tag to end the inning... Santiago would have crossed the plate first and scored an additional run if the last out was not a force at third.

10:00 PM 
Blogger Elect Erik Lindquist! said...

Pat, Cabrera MUST run into that tag, slowly, to end the inning. If he does it slowly enough, Santiago crosses the plate before Beltre tags Cabrera. No force = run scores

10:02 PM 

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