Thursday, September 01, 2011

A suggestion for the Detroit Lions about naming the press box at Ford Field

There are three writers, who covered the Lions, mostly together, for more than three decades and were synonymous with the franchise in many ways - Tom Kowalski, Mike O' Hara and Curt Sylvester.
I think it would be fitting if the Lions honored them by naming the press box at Ford Field after these three in the near future.
Tom, who grew up in Farmington, went to college for a couple weeks at Western Michigan, came home and turned an editorial assistant's job at the age of 18 at The Oakland Press into a brilliant career. There has been a lot said and written about Tom's "every man" quality following his passing this week - and that is certainly true. But he was also off the charts talented. Very bright. Exceptionally gifted.
Mike, who retired from the Detroit News, but still writes for FOX Sports Detroit, is an unrelenting reporter. When I was on the Lions beat I had made this vow I wasn't going to be outworked. I was going to get there earlier and leave later than these icon writers I was competing against. That was kind of difficult with Mike. He was always there and didn't miss a thing. The consummate beat writer. Outstanding.
Curt Sylvester of the Free Press didn't get outworked, either. And Curt wrote great game stories. First thing I'd look at on Monday during the football season, when the Lions would hand out the press clips, was Curt's gamer.
It would be like taking a page out of the Lions' play book when they retired the jersey No. 20 for Lem Barney, Billy Sims and Barry Sanders.
Tom, Mike and Curt were unique to this town and that team. And it would be fitting if it were acknowledged by the Lions.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Curt Sylvester is out for voting for Brett Favre for MVP costing Barry the award out right.. Ever since that day the FREEP hasn't been allowed in my home..

9:44 AM 
Blogger rick snares said...

Nice Idea, sure going to miss clicking on Mlive to se what Tom had to say, and if you were ever to try sparing with him you had better be on your game......

9:30 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

That's your opinion, but to me and virtually all others it is not a factor in a discussion about Curt.

11:42 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Rick Snares,
Can't tell you how smart Tom was. Brilliant guy.

11:42 AM 

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