Sunday, August 28, 2011

All things considered, I'd take Shaun Hill over Drew Stanton as the Detroit Lions No. 2 QB

I like Drew Stanton as a player. He is one of those quarterbacks who doesn't necessarily turn heads in practice, but tends to do so on game day - when it really matters.
In that regard, he is the consummate "gamer."
There seems to be a growing contingent who feel Stanton - who played well in his late-season starts in 2011and tends to show well in the preseason - should be the Lions No. 2 quarterback ahead of Shaun Hill.
I'm not one of them. If something were to happen to Matthew Stafford, I believe Hill would be more capable of getting the ball to the playmakers on the Lions' offense. And there are plenty of them.
At this stage, isn't that what the Lions need if Stafford goes out? Somebody managing the offense more than a so-called playmaker? More of a sure factor than an "X" factor at QB?
Hill has a 13-13 record as an NFL starter. He was 10-6 before coming to Detroit and taking the brunt of the Lions woes the first 12 games of last season. Like Stanton, he turned it around when the team did as a whole. He is the ideal backup QB for the Lions.
Having stated that, however, I do believe Stanton has advanced past the point of being a No.3.



Blogger princeofdetroit said...

Conventional wisdom tends to agree with you Pat...if winning is the goal in cases of emergency Hill is your only option.

3:00 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The QB position is the one area in the offense where the Lions truly have some legitimate depth. It's one reason why they have a chance to go 8-8 or 9-7 this year.

10:30 AM 

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