Friday, August 26, 2011

Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland handled Brandon Inge incident perfectly

There is a lot that goes into being a major league manager. Filling out the lineup card and handling the pitching staff are only a couple aspects.
Another is dealing with situations like the one that transpired Wednesday night when Tigers third baseman Brandon Inge's throw to second base - instead of the obvious plays at third or first - might have cost the Tigers a victory in a pennant race.
Inge is a matchstick among Tiger fans. And they were upset after the game, not only with the play itself, but also Inge claiming he made the right play.
It would have been disingenuous of Leyland to outright defend Inge on that play. Nobody would have bought it. It was clearly a mistake, which Leyland stated.
But he did so in manner that didn't throw Inge under the bus, either. He was respectful of his player at a time when it is particularly needed by that player.
I'm not sure a less experienced manager would have handled it as well.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Big deal, common sense response.

Hey, Tigers are in the right poor division.

If the Tigers go 0.500, win half games, the Indians or Chisox have to play at a rate of 0.686 to tie.

If they blow this one, it is worse than 2009. Tigs would have to lose big-time vs. division teams.

We've got the horses and Leyland has a lot of flexibility to win this one.

5:18 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pat, I was at that game. The venom by Tigers fans directed at Inge at the Trop in the qalkways afterwards was stunning. People do not like him at all.

10:38 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think you are spot on here. For all of the distaste for Leyland (and Inge) in this town, he could not have handled that any better. He is great at not overreacting and at protecting guys when they need it. He is a players manager; along with bullpen/pitching staff management, it is truly one of his strengths.


12:19 AM 
Anonymous woody said...

off topic Pat, but wondering if you see Tigers making another waiver move before rosters expand. any rumors circulating?

12:17 AM 

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