Sunday, August 28, 2011

Detroit Lions finally look like they are in the Patriots league

My column in Sunday's Oakland Press:



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Believe this is an over-reaction, keep in mind this is pre-season and the Pats kept 5-6 starters back in New England.

But grant this, this defensive charge is really impressive. But at the end of the day, opposing teams will negate this with quick 2-step slants and 10 yard throws to tight ends and come-back routes. The defensive backfield is still a question mark.

However, I do agree with you, the Lions look like they have taken solid steps to move from the third tier (out of 3) to the middle tier.

Still need a running game to advance first downs and maintain offensive possessions.

Agree, this looks like a big improvement ... kudos to the players, coaching staff and GM. This looks like a good team, week to week. Corey and Suh are going to give opposing coaches headaches.

And all these guys are playing with abandon, fun to watch.

4:50 PM 

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