Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tigers performance in Cleveland profoundly disappointing

I know the games didn't mean much in Cleveland on the grand scale of things, but I thought the Tigers' effort was poor. Nobody has touted Justin Verlander more than I have, but he just didn't keep his bearings Wednesday. Emotion can be a good thing on the mound. In this case it was detrimental.
Perhaps it will go better for the Tigers in Baltimore. But their chances of finishing with a reasonably respectable record went out the window in Cleveland, which was their house of horrors in 2010.
The Indians truly stunk this year, and the Tigers were head-to-head, at least in Cleveland, worst than the Tribe.
Doesn't say much for the Tigers, does it?

Random Thoughts

- Is it Calvin Johnson or the Lions offensive scheme/losing environment that is holding him back? Obviously it is a combination of both. But I think people are sometimes too quick to defend Johnson in this town. He drops too many passes. That needs to change before he reaches his full potential.
Oh, there is that word again - potential. Aren't you tired of hearing about Calvin Johnson's potential?

- I have a feeling Chris Osgood will play prominent role for the Red Wings this season. Ozzie's hockey career is kind of like a cat. It has nine lives. Not sure he's used them all just yet.

- Anybody else think Tiger Woods will go a long way toward redeeming himself at the Ryder Cup? It's the perfect stage, involving the team element and patriotism, for it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

why should anyone believe this team is going to be markedly improved next year? Jackson and Cabrera are the only two position players set in stone - Verlander and Scherzer the only two pitchers, though I'd hope Porcello is there too. Is Perry that sure a thing, and Valverde? I know there's some extra money but how many holes in that lineup can you fill in one year?

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