Monday, September 27, 2010

Lets face it: Denard Robinson is Michigan football

I think the notion Michigan has three quarterbacks of about equal ability is laughable.
Denard Robinson is the Wolverines. Period. They will only go as far as he takes them.
He is the most valuable quarterback they have ever had at Michigan. Even more so than Rick Leach back in the day. Robinson is an absolute perfect fit for Rich Rodriguez's spread option offense. I don't think Terrelle Pryor could run this particular offense any better.
And that's not coming from somebody who doesn't think Devin Gardner or Tate Forcier are good players. I do. I just think Robinson is so much better, and his supporting cast is decidedly mediocre - especially on defense.
Although I will state this: Michigan's offensive line is pretty good. Underrated.



Anonymous poker affiliate said...

Denard has turned an average Michigan team into a top team in the Big 10 and put him as the leading contender for the Heisman Trophy. The guy is putting up amazing stats this season already.

11:53 PM 

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