Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Great drafts? Better coaching? Improved front office? None proving true for the Lions


Anonymous Michael C said...

I think all of those are true, Pat.

I know "patience" is a dirty word with sports fans, but it's what is required here. I predicted 4-12 before the season started, and that's still very doable if we get Stafford back. And that would double our win total from the past two years combined.

If we still aren't competing in 2 years then I'd say there's something wrong. But right now I still have a lot of faith in the guys in charge.

6:34 AM 
Anonymous Deano said...

Excellent column though long overdue. How is it that Martin Mayhew gets no blame for what went on when Millen was in charge? Was he not the Assistant GM? And if it wasn't his fault, what we he doing? Who stays with Matt Millen for 8 years if things were so bad? Martin Mayhew is 2-30 as GM of the Lions. It is a complete slap in the face that he, and Lewand, are running this franchise when they wouldn't be able to get any other front office job in the NFL.

5:40 PM 

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