Sunday, September 26, 2010

Time to stop letting Lions off the hook with Matt Millen excuse

Millen is long gone. 0-3 start not his issue anymore. My latest column in The Oakland Press:


Blogger Barry said...

Pat, I never understood either how they pass on Oher and pick Pettigrew. Lions just spend 75 million on a QB you think they would want the best protection available. Stratford also has a strong arm so he wouldn’t be naturally looking for a TE. Lions should take advantage of his strong arm. This pick is just as bad as the Tigers picking relief pitchers in the early round of their draft as relievers are the easiest to pick up in free agency and least expensive in comparsion to other positions.

9:04 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Believe it or not, on draft day the Lions took Pettigrew because of his blocking ability first. Why did they just take a tackle then?

2:26 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm taking the cup-half-full attitude. And I'm the last person that should say that.

We have big injuries and a young squad that hasn't worked with each other.

Games this year are not blow-outs in the second quarter like last year.

However, linebackers are tentative and d. secondary is really playing badly.

Penalties and breakdowns are still occuring.

Agree with you on one thing, these guys are pros and if they don't step up and execute on every play and step it up on key plays, we're the same toast.

Unfortunately, if coaches can't fix these things, and guys don't produce, get them out of here and keep drafting and replacing thru free-agency.

I'm at a loss to think of anything else??

5:10 PM 
Blogger franco taylor said...


Believe it or not the Lions look improved to me so far this year. On field attitude is so much better, tackling is better, and they have been in every game.

Suh has been everything and more.
Best when he is healthy has been very good.

OK they lost every game so far,
but here is the thing.
Lions fans during pre-season, all talking about 8-8, 10-6 etc for this season, ridiculous expectations! Now they are upset because some guys don't execute consistently. So they get on the, "its the same old lions" bandwagon.

Well no, it is not the same old lions. This is not, as we saw in the past at times, a good, or decent team that is not playing up to its potential. This is a bad team playing about as well as they can play. obviously there is always a step forward one week, one back the next, in football so yeah we might see a little better result some weeks, but this is about what fans should expect.

Yet when we see guys make a good pass then a couple poor passes, or guys catch one and drop one (or two) it is not for a lack of trying, or bad coaching, it is because a lot of these guys, this is their skill level. it is not just effort, or a coach, I think we have seen good effort, it is that there are different levels of talent, and players that are not so good are players that are not consistent and make poor passes, and don't cover, and drop balls. that is this lions team. Go ahead trade the lesser players to a good team, do people think they will start, or suddenly become good players? We are still a couple of good players away from being a decent team. As Pepper Martin said, " I got an old mule back on my farm, and you can whip it from morning till night, but it ain't ever going to win the Kentucky derby."

11:22 AM 

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